Wood Pellets 6mm in bags with EN plus A2 certificate

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  • Wood Pellets 6mm in bags with EN plus A2 certificate

The raw material used is dry wood - conifers (100% natural wood, dried and pressed into the shape mentioned, without additives), which is formed in the process of sanitary felling and thinning of forests (THIS EXPLAINS THE COLOR OF THE PELLET - the color of dry wood). The practical absence of bark guarantees a stable low ash content, up to 0.6%. Also, our pellets are characterized by high calorific value - more than 5 kW / h.

Calorific value - 19,1 kJ/kg

Gross calorific value - 21,5 kJ/kg

Bulk density - 720 kg/m3

Moisture content of - 8 %

Ash - 0,8 % 

All types of pellets have certificates of quality and regularly undergo radiological and environmental control. Pellet quality is high and will fit each customer. Wood pellets have a better quality and are ideal for domestic use, for space heating, housing, household heating boilers, including solid fuel boilers.

Also pellets can be used in industrial heating systems at power plants and in other types of heating.

Pellet prices and delivery prices are calculated individually for each customer on the basis of quantity, type of packaging and place of delivery.

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