Straw pellets 8mm in big bags

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100% natural - pellets are made from straw of various plants without additives

Environmentally friendly - straw pellets are CO2-neutral. 15 times less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere than when burning natural gas.

Renewable - straw pellets are a bio-product made from renewable agricultural waste.

Convenient for transportation and storage - granules are packed in big bags of 1 ton.

Characteristics of straw pellets:

Calorific value - 14.0-15.0 MJ / kg

Ash content - up to 8%

Humidity - up to 10%

Straw pellets are used as a hygienically clean bedding for animals. The products retain heat, have anti-allergenic properties and are able to absorb 4 times more moisture than the volume of the granules themselves. Straw pellets are excellent at absorbing odors. The pellets are easy to change, making it easier to care for the animals.

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