Sunflower husk pellets 8mm in big bags

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The sunflower husk pellet is a type of ecological biofuel, obtained from chopped sunflower husks, adding a binding material (oil, grease or colloidal clay). The resulting mixture is pressed at high temperature using granulation plants.

The sunflower husk pellet is able to meet all the needs of both domestic and industrial customers. The processing technology applies great pressure and is very similar to that of wood pellet processing. The difference is that sunflower husks are of lower humidity. No glue or chemical additives are used in the production.

Calorific value - 19,8 kJ/kg

Gross calorific value - 21,0 kJ/kg

Moisture content of - 8 %

Ash - 2,8 % 

The pellet is very dense and has a low level of humidity (8%), which allows very high efficiency combustion.

A ton of pellets has a calorific value of 6 cubic meters of wood and can be easily stored to ensure heating throughout the season. An important factor is also the relative stability of the price of pellets compared to the prices of fossil energy sources.

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